Cuddington and Sandiway Tennis Club

The club runs 2 ladders, 1 for Seniors and 1 for Juniors. Both ladders are for singles matches only.

The Seniors ladder is open to members of both sexes and the Junior ladder to members who are 11 years of age or older.

Junior members who join the ladder MUST have an LTA rating. This can be obtained free of charge by following this link - LTA Site

Ladders are meant to be fun and matches are to be played in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. If any disputes arise then the matter is to be referred to the club coach John Whitehall. He will adjudicate on the matter and try to help both parties to come to an agreement on the way forward. His decision will be final.

Please click on a link below to join a ladder
Ladder Rules
1. All matches are the best of 3 sets.
    The first 2 sets are to be settled by a tie break at 6 all.
    The 3rd set is to be played as a tie break with the winner the first to reach 10 points and be at least 2 points clear.

2. A player can challenge any player up to 2 places above their position in the ladder.

3. All challenges must be made by email with a copy being sent to the club coach, John Whitehall. This can be done by clicking on the name of the person on the ladder listing.

4. If the challenger wins then they go to the place above their opponent in the ladder. If they lose then no change takes place. If the challenger wins then the challenger must email the result of the match to the web master and club coach by following the link on the ladder page.

5. If a challenge has been made the person challenged has up to 14 days to accept and play otherwise it will be deemed the match has been won by the challenger.

6.If a player goes away on holiday then they must inform the club the dates that they will be away. They will then be exempt from challenges for that time and the period of their absence will be marked on the ladder.